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New Accounting Firm Dufour Tax Group Completes a Successful First Tax Season

For Immediate Release:

With the deadline for tax returns passing, Dufour Tax Group is celebrating the completion of their first tax season as a newly formed company. Dufour Tax Group was recently founded by partners Peter Dufour, Kelly Dufour and Walker Matthews.

Recent Launch of Dufour Tax Group

Peter Dufour and Walker Matthews started Dufour Tax Group with a mission to partner with local businesses and individuals, sharing their large firm expertise in accounting law, strategy and planning while providing the personalized customer service that originated from a smaller firm.

Peter Dufour explains: “As a firm we enjoy partnering with a diverse group of clients, from startups to larger more established firms. Walker, Kelly and I are excited to grow the business and we look forward to working with new clients.”

Before starting Dufour Tax Group, Peter served as the director of Macpage LLC and holds both a master’s degree in Business Administration as well as a doctorate degree in Law. Walker is also a former employee of Macpage LLC, where he served as a tax assistant and holds a post-bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

More Information on Dufour Tax Group

Dufour Tax Group specializes in providing comprehensive strategic tax planning and compliance services to individuals and businesses across the globe. With a wide set of in-house skills, they have the flexibility to work with a multitude of clients from startups to multimillion dollar enterprise level companies. For more information on Dufour Tax Group visit their website at www.dufourtax.com or email info@dufourtax.com.